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I know that RetroPie is capable of running PS1/N64 emulation, but I assumed that the Pi Zero wouldn’t have the guts to pull it off. After coming across a few of my favourite classics, I decided that the Gameboy Pi would be much more valuable to me if it could play these games.

I will now try and use the Pi 3 for this project, instead of the Pi Zero. The only challenge with changing is the size of the board is about 3 times larger, but I think I’ve saved enough space with the lucky LCD PCB to cater for the board. I will need to remove the plugs that are surplus to requirements, such as the USB and Ethernet ports which could prove difficult. I also need to think about the L/R buttons that I’ll need… but this isn’t of the highest importance so I’ll probably leave this to last.

You can of course continue to follow my guides/information and intend to use the Pi Zero, as from here on there shouldn’t be much difference anyway. I’ll do a “The display part 2” post to cater for the Pi 3.

Running total before changes: £30.45

  • – £4 for Pi Zero
  • + £30.80 for Pi 3
  • + 1.99 for RCA cable

New running total: £59.24


2 thoughts on “Slight changes

  1. Sig

    Hi, I have experience with desoldering and have a few tips for you, since it is a bit harder to do things like Raspberry Pi’s. I suggest buying some cheap things to help you. I suggest getting both soldering wick (you know about this already but other tools don’t replace it), a soldering pump (I got the cheapest of the bunch but more money can buy one that is more efficient), and some low melting point solder tin (example chip quick).

    So like you already know, add your own (regular) solder tin to get off the solder tin that is already there, make sure it mixes. Use both the wick and the pump. And I have problems getting out that last bit of solder that can have a pin stuck, you add the more expensive low melting point solder tin.

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